You Will Need This Important Ingredient if You Want to Bake Pot Brownies


Medical cannabis can actually be appreciated in many forms and not just to smoke it. For one, you can make marijuana brownies. That surely is an amazing treat. The distinct earthy taste to this pot brownie recipe from is the only difference to the classic brownies but do not worry because the taste will not overpower the chocolatey taste that people love in brownies. One you have learned to like these treats you will soon find yourself searching the internet for how to make marijuana brownies.


Others may be wondering why go through all the trouble of cooking so you can indulge when smoking pot is simple and easier. For a fact, marijuana contains more than 100 cannabinoids that affect the body regardless of how you take it in. In other words, you will still get the medical benefits of pot regardless if you prefer to smoke it or eat it. Before we proceed, remember that these chemical compounds are easily dissolved in fats and they do not lose their potency that way. So, when cannabis is infused in fats like butter or oil they become very potent when eaten in the form of a delectable treat such as brownies.


So what makes pot brownies really different from the normal ones? The secret ingredient is none other than cannabutter, which is butter that has been infused with marijuana. But not all people like to use butter. You can use avocado oil or olive oil instead. However, remember two things that are very important. To avoid losing the effectiveness of cannabis, use non-GMO oils, that is one. The other one is to stay away from Canola oil for the reason that it is known as a carcinogen. Check out this website at and learn more about marijuana.


So before you can start making marijuana brownies, you need to know how to make cannabutter. Do not settle for low quality and cheap ingredients for your cannabutter. Quality matters if you want to keep the potency of cannabis. This means that you need to select a strain of pot that satisfies three qualifications.


First of all it should be organic. You know the effects of chemical and artificial fertilizers are. Do not use marijuana that has been grown with water from tap. Tap water also has chemicals. Finally go for the one that is THC heavy. The higher the ration of THC is the more potent your end product is going to be.


In summary, the perfect cannabutter will ensure that you get the best pot brownies to enjoy. Now you just need to decide whether you want to go vegan or the version that uses dairy products. The non-vegan recipe will use eggs and dairy. For the vegan version, you will need coconut oil, flax seeds and other ingredients that are vegan. Click this for the recipe. Learn more!


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